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Changing Your Sound

A question I get a lot from up and coming artists pertains to the issue of preferred Genre of music. In particular, artists tend to ask the question, “will it help me as an artist to change my sound/genre from what I currently play to a different sound in order to be in touch with […]

SGM X Year | Anniversary Week

SGM X Year Anniversary Week

Sleeping Giant Music presents the 10 Year Anniversary Week! Come out and enjoy all of the national and international performances by our SGM artists starting Monday, July 28th through Sunday, August 3rd! We’re celebrating our 10 year in a BIG WAY, so don’t miss out! Be apart of the MADNESS! SGM X YEAR ANNIVERSARY TAKE-OVERS […]

Late Night Science | Cleopatra Jones

Cleopatra Jones EP

Late Night Science is a new creative project recently released by legendary DJ/Producer, Donald Glaude. Transitioning and expanding his musical interests, over the years, from bass to percussion to violin and then moving on to the turntable, Donald Glaude’s fans have learned to always expect the unexpected when it comes to the his raw and […]

Late Night Science | Understand House

Understand House

Late Night Science is a new creative project recently released by legendary DJ/Producer, Donald Glaude. Constantly transforming and shifting his sound, fans will get to see yet another side of Donald in his upcoming project, Late Night Science. The Understand House EP expresses more of his Late Night Techno/Tech House vibe which he has recently […]

Darin Epsilon | Black Lotus

Black Lotus

Need some new music to add to your summer playlist? If that’s the case then you need to check out Darin Epsilon’s new track Black Lotus. Recently released on Hernan Cattaneo’s label Sudbeat Music, this track blends old and new sounds together to create something truly unique and timeless. Black Lotus is now available on […]

Scooters Birthday Weekend

Scooter’s Birthday Extravaganza

July 4th is not just a time to celebrate America’s independence; it is also the time for many to celebrate DJ Scooter’s birthday. Each year Scooter out does himself with the biggest and craziest birthday celebrations but this years has topped all other years. He started the festivities at Taste Nightclub in Santa Clara and […]

DJ Scooter | Comic Series

DJ Scooter The Comic Series

Everyones favorite wacky DJ is at it again giving us all yet another reason to put a smile on our face. As if DJ Scooter’s music and contagious fun personality wasn’t enough to keep us all entertained, he has now put out his own comic series. Each comic strip within the comic series portrays real […]

Behind The Agents Desk | Blog Series

Meetings Are Toxic

One of the major things I’ve learned is to try not to have too many staff meetings. I read a great book that showcases efforts on meetings and meeting schedules. It explains how meetings can be “toxic” and if not organized properly can turn into a major waste of time. Things like moving on a […]

D:fuse | Welcome To The Game Mixtape

Welcome To The Game

Check out D:fuse’s new high energy house mix,”Welcome To The Game.” The mix features club rocking, fist pumping tracks including three of D:fuse’s original tracks with Dub Mechanics, “The Game of Life,” “Animate,” and “Melody Track.” All you dance enthusiasts grab your free download now because this limited release mix could be gone before you […]

Shoe Scene Symphony | Real Love Remix

Real Love

Shoe Scene Symphony found real love with Mary J Blige’s famous 1992 track, which has already gained tremendous attention from fans and blogs, such as Hype Machine, in the short few days its been out. The duo are huge fans of the classic R&B track, “Real Love” and wanted to add a nice house groove […]

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