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December 31, 2014

January 1, 2015

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Scotty Boy Receives #15 on Billboard Magazine Top Dance Club Songs of 2014 Wed, 10 Dec 2014 20:04:42 +0000 It has already been a great year for Scotty Boy and it just got better as his track “Shiny Disco Balls” was ranked #15 on Billboard Magazine’s Top Dance Club Songs of 2014. This milestone puts him another step further in his career. Congratulations for all your success this year and we look forward to more hits in 2015!

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How Are You Promoting Your Events? Wed, 10 Dec 2014 19:39:26 +0000 Everyone who participates in this business knows that it is driven by results. Club DJs around the city are under pressure to maximize their nights with guest lists and make sure they bring people to the door

Everybody can mix and keep a crowd, but do you bring that extra factor? With the power of social media, my timeline is flooded with clubs/promoters/DJs trying to promote their night. At times the posts can be overwhelming and stale. Here are a few suggestions to help better promote your event whether your the DJ spinning that night or the promoter.

1. Stop relying ONLY on Facebook invites especially with friends.
– This doesn’t work, and half the time you are inviting friends that are not in your city.
– A quick solution would be to take the time to personally call/text/email that person. The more personable you can be the better the chances your friends will come out to support.

2. Bad Flyers. Presentation is everything!
– If you are doing your own flyers for your events/club nights make sure its pleasing to the eye. If your flyer is not up to par, people who see it might not even consider coming out.
– I see tons of DJs out there who add there logo to an already existing flyer. This tends to be very tacky. I suggest calling the person responsible and see what they can do to make the change for future show flyers.

3. Think outside the box for getting people through the door.
– There are tons of different ways to get people’s attention through social media. Maybe it’s creatively using different outlets such as SnapChat and Vine.
– Some creative ideas I’ve thought of include running contests for guestlist consideration or drink specials. Just some incentive to get people out to the event.

Hopefully these suggestions can help you get more people to the door and on to the dancefloor.

Will Duka

Find out more about Will and the rest of the SGM team!

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New Year’s Eve Ticket Giveaway Tue, 02 Dec 2014 20:23:05 +0000 Ever want to party on the beach for New Year’s Eve? Now is your chance! Sleeping Giant Music is running a giveaway contest with Fresh One, who will be one of many SGM artists headlining the 2015 New Year’s Eve Beach Party at the Catamaran. Enter the contest below for a chance to win 1 FREE VIP ticket to the event! Countdown as the ball drops and welcome the new year while enjoying great music and awesome company with some of San Diego’s finest! Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!

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Download the new JJ Flores iTunes App Free on the iTunes Store Wed, 26 Nov 2014 18:59:23 +0000 Legendary DJ, JJ Flores presents his official iPhone application. Giving you a personal connection to help keep you informed of all things he is up to while on the go. Stay up to date with all the latest news, music, videos, tour dates and more in Flores’ world. Download the app now on iTunes!

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JJ Flores and Antonio Giacca Release “Not Yours EP” On Beatport Tue, 25 Nov 2014 21:06:26 +0000 Last week, JJ Flores and Antonio Giacca released their “Not Yours EP” on Beatport. Only about a week after the release, the track “Not Yours” has quickly climbed the Beatport Indie Dance/Nu Disco Top 100 chart. Make sure to head over to Beatport and purchase your copy to help Giacca & Flores reach the Top 10!

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Check out Mike Czech and Fresh One at the Red Bull #TripleSet Skateboard Competition Wed, 19 Nov 2014 19:28:06 +0000 Earlier this month, the Redbull Triple Set Skateboarding Competition was held in the historic North Park Theatre showcasing 50 of Southern California’s best skateboarders. SGM’s own Mike Czech and Fresh One were both in attendance providing the music and showcasing their own skills behind the DJ booth. Check out all the video coverage at Transworld Skateboarding’s site now!

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Shoe Scene Symphony Hits One Million Soundcloud Plays Thu, 13 Nov 2014 20:06:44 +0000 Congratulations to Shoe Scene Symphony for reaching over 1 million plays on Soundcloud! Make sure to check out the Shoe Scene Symphony Soundcloud page and show the guys some love! Looking forward to more awesome music in the future!

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4 Tips To Becoming A Successful Artist Wed, 12 Nov 2014 19:49:04 +0000 In the DJ world you can never tell who the next big act will be. As with anything, becoming a big DJ/Artist takes a lot of hard work, talent and certainly an element of luck. However there are always a few things we look for as agents that are tell tale signs of an act that is on the rise. Here are 4 keys to becoming a big DJ/Artist in the eyes of agent.

1. Organization – Typically acts that are successful are ones that have great organization and understand structure. Having the ability to put together a proper plan for success as well as creating and meeting goals within that plan are essential to developing an artist’s career. A strong plan and the ability to execute that plan will not always guarantee success, but will put an artist in a much better position to gain success.

2. Focus/Work Ethic – They say that nothing worth achieving is easy and that is very true in the case of the music business. In my experience improving an artist profile is a very difficult process which takes alot of time effort and energy. Artists without strong work ethics and focus on developing themselves over a long period of time typically end up not achieving their goals especially in an environment where there is a significant amount of competition. Every DJ wants to be big, but only a few have the work ethic and focus to put in the effort to reach the goal. These traits are essential!

3. Financial Backing – This is one piece which I think many artists don’t realize. The early 90s was the time I felt artists could really reach star status without necessarily having a lot of financial funds to build their brand as it was less of a social media frenzy and more of a word of mouth type of environment. Artists who played amazing sets were seen and talked about which increased notoriety. In today’s day and age, not only is production important, but marketing and social media have also taken on a pivotal role in brand development. Financial capability is far more essential in allowing an artist to stand out in the crowd. Marketing and Brand Development are extremely important pieces to develop an artist these days and without the funds to dump into these platforms it becomes an uphill climb to get noticed which is why having capitol to help create these avenues is ever so important to helping an artist rise to the top.

4. Management – Getting to the top is not a one man/woman show as it takes a team to get there. Proper artist management is essential to helping artists achieve their goals, develop sponsorship avenues , pitch releases to labels, land the proper booking agents, and manage the overall operations for an artist. In addition to these items a good manager sets the tone for an artist’s career by helping to create an effective marketing campaign and executing that campaign. These are important tasks that really help to move things along. In my experience, one of the biggest hurdles which hold an artist from getting over the top is lack of proper management.

In closing I would mention that having these four items in place may not ensure an artists success as there are many variables that make or break an artist’s career. However, if a DJ/Artist can have these 4 items in place they will be putting themselves in better position to be successful then 90% of the DJs/Artists out there.

Troy Gilmore
Vice President

Find out more about Troy and meet the rest of the SGM team!

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Shoe Scene Symphony’s “Feeling Alright Remix” Featured On Dani Deahl Mon, 10 Nov 2014 19:12:42 +0000 Last month, we shared Shoe Scene Symphony‘s Remix of the Solar Heist track “Feeling Alright.” With all the great feedback and over 40,000 plays and counting on SoundCloud, the track was featured by the one and only Dani Deahl. The review can be seen now on the Dani Deahl blog. Thank you to everyone for all the support!

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