Aurea Vista, September 30 2017

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The Aurea Vista Hotel was designed by G. Stanley Wilson, who also designed the facade of the Stalder building and was chief architect of the Mission Inn. The building opened on March 28, 1928 as a hotel and separate banquet room on the upper floor and a furniture store on the ground floor. The building was used as an anti-aircraft intelligence headquarters during World War II. Th Riverside Ballet Arts opened a dance school in the banquet room in 1970. The Ballet and the Old Riverside Foundation petitioned the City of Riverside to designate the Aurea Vista building as a local landmark and became City Historical Landmark No. 84.*

Now reopening as Aurea Vista Nightclub & Bar on the lower level. 1930’s feel with a modern appeal.

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3498 University Ave
Riverside, CA 92501
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