Backyard Kitchen and Tap, July 4 2017

Lavelle Dupree
Lavelle Dupree
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Lavelle Dupree & Slowhand

As its name suggests, Backyard Kitchen & Tap is a chic, yet cozily coastal American eatery and natural fit for the laidback vibe of Pacific Beach. Outdoor areas are celebrated with three cabanas, live walls, fire pits and an indoor/outdoor bar; setting the stage for memorable nights on the patio with live music. With homemade specialties any time of day and an extensive list of craft cocktails and local beers to choose from, Backyard Kitchen & Tap offers the perfect culinary experience for everyone.

For a tasty brunch (Backyard Benedict, anyone?), lunch or dinner, Backyard satisfies every palate with scrumptious American favorites and spirits. From our signature selection of flatbreads to our array of steak and fresh fish entrees, you’ll discover a long list of reasons to return for more!

At Backyard, our guests get a feel for the unique sense of community Pacific Beach locals and visitors share, as we bring them together for a fun, relaxing and tasty experience. All you have to do is dust the sand off your heels and step inside.

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832 Garnet Ave
San Diego, CA 92109
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