Magnum, November 17 2017

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MAGNUM CLUB was founded in Dec 2011, located in the heart of Central. The best and most beautiful venue for entertainment which is representing the heart of Central’s nightlife. We created a brand new meaning to “Luxury”: comfortable place in golden decorations, shimmering Swarovski DJ booth, glass lamp and washroom, surrounded by LED walls bring you the greatest sense of enjoyment. Through the balcony of MAGNUM CLUB, you can have a panoramic view of Lan Kwai Fong while drinking fine wine and spending your nights with friends.

MAGNUM CLUB is the perfect destination for a gorgeous night in Hong Kong, enjoying impressive music, drinks, shows and lighting effect. As a platform for artists and performers, we are here to bring you all the great worldwide DJs in a premier venue. Let’s get closer to feel the difference in this modern and luxurious space.

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3-4/F, Silver Fortune Plaza, No.1 Wellington Street
Central District, Hong Kong
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