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Fresh One and DJ AM

DJing with DJ AM

Just had the great opportunity to dj with one of the most influential party rockin’ dj’s this past Saturday at Stingaree – the one and only DJ AM. For those that don’t know about this guy (I don’t know how you couldn’t have heard about him, with his Time magazine & Entourage appearances…) he is […]

DJ Fresh One and Tara Patrick

Fresh One Spotted with Tara Patrick at Aubergine San Diego

Wow. What can I say. First of all I must say I’m not one to really tell you about Tera Patrick (never seen one of her movies personally, but if you need some info ask Mikey Beats in the black shirt!!! He has answers)…but I got to DJ for her and her entourage while they […]


SGM’s First Blog Post

Oh no…Here we go. This is the beginning of the official blog of Sleeping Giant Music. Be on the look out for exclusive tracks, interesting interviews and plenty of other stuff to help you pass the time while you are at work.  See you in cyberspace…we love you! SGM Crew