This week, we’re talking business etiquette. Nothing beats a firm handshake and a big smile. That’s why I try to take my business offline and in person as much as possible. Too many people rely on just e-mails, text messaging and phone calls which are all not very personal methods of communication. Although time is always of the essence, dropping by your client’s venue or office to say hello is a must.

When you see your clients, talk to them as friends and try and develop a personal relationship. Ask them about their interests, family and hobbies. If you find something in common, touch on that as much as possible to make the meetings and conversations more comfortable and relaxing for both of you. Many times, I find myself going to see see my clients and telling them I just wanted to say hi and see how they were doing. Afterwards, I’ll send a hand written letter with a $5 Starbucks card or even a gas card, because we all love coffee and need gas money. Be the agent when necessary, but try to be friends when possible.

Mike Beltran
Vice President

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