The Golden Rule to being an agent: Don’t take “NO” for an answer – Be Aggressive!

In working with for this music agency, being aggressive is key to being successful. Being an agent, you work with two very distinctive clients: the buyer and the artist. Your approach to dealing with each client is different, but the underlying factor of aggressive tactics always remains.

With regards to talent buyers, I have dealt with the fun, the difficult, and the interesting. Some of our clients have requested very random and obscure talent for special events. At the time, it may seem impossible to find or book but as an agent, you never say the word “no.” I have had requests from clients for face painters, leprechauns, Zydeco bands, impersonators, marching bands, dirty balloon makers, and much more. The bottom line is that they are the client and we must get them what they want regardless the lengths it takes to meet their requests. Yes, I will admit to going such lengths as tweeting at friends, cold calling, posting messages on social media, among other tactics to get the client what they need. It is important to keep your client happy and make the impossible possible.

When booking talent, the same motto remains – be aggressive. If a potential buyer says no, we try to work other angles and arrangements that might intrigue a talent buyer/entertainment director to think twice about the artist. We want to stand out from every other agent trying to pitch talent at their venue. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t; but, we always try to be aggressive and do what we can to penetrate into a new market for our artist. The benefit of being aggressive outweighs the costs.

So as my high school cheer coach taught me:
Be Aggressive,
Be, Be Aggressive.

Madison Quartiano

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