Fresh One will be providing the music for the skateboarding competition of the year in San Diego: the Red Bull Triple Set. Red Bull Triple Set is a one-day skateboarding competition that will showcase 50 of SoCal’s most talented professional and amateur skateboarders who will battle it out for first place on a triple set staircase feature. The often searched for and challenging skateboarding obstacle is a staple in the sport and has inspired some of the greatest tricks known to the community. On October 19th a custom-built triple set will be brought to the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego and placed on the rooftop!

The competition will consist of five heats with 10 skateboarders per heat, there will be a 15-minute jam session where they’ll need to throw down their best tricks and wow the judges.

The top two competitors from each heat will advance to the semi-finals where they’ll compete in another 15-minute jam session.

The top five from the semi-final will advance to the final round where they’ll compete in a 20-minute jam session. The judges will then award the first, second and third place winners of Red Bull Triple Set. Hope to see you there!