We sat down with DJ Fresh One to get the inside scoop about the Red Bull DJ So Cal Competition.

1. What was it like being a judge for the DJ So Cal Competition? It was great! I got to experience some new, young and fresh talent from SD! Some of the guys had really creative and inspirational sets!

2. Have you ever judged a competition before? Yes, I have judged a few competitions in the past.

3. Who were the other judges? My friend, DJ Loczi, a friend named Justin from Red Bull were the two judges at my table. At the other table, you had D-Rock from Jammin’ Z90, DJ Angle and a guy from Dave and Buster’s corporate.

4. What were you looking for in a winner? The categories of judging were Skill, Creativity, Crowd, Music Selection and Diversity.

5. How did you feel about the chosen winner? I think the winner won deservedly. It was actually a tie between Dave Ruckus and DJ Impakt so they had to do a spontaneous 2-minute head-to-head set, then all six judges voted for Dave Ruckus after that battle.

6. What were some moments that stood out at the competition? The tie at the end of the competition was definitely the highlight of the battle.

7. How did it feel being on the other side of the turntables? It was good to sit back and enjoy the performances, meet some new people and shake some hands.

8. Any advice to other DJs about how to best prepare for a competition or battle? Get a few good routines together and most importantly – Practice, practice, practice! And when you think you’ve practiced enough, get off the couch and do it again. And I guess, as demonstrated in this particular battle, always have a good solid two-minute spontaneous set. You never know if there will be a tie-breaker round and you’ll get called out to show the other up in a last minute head-to-head!