The fact is undeniable: DJs need to build up a following to have successful careers;. However, success at the end of the night’s performance ultimately relies upon the artist’s ability to gauge the atmosphere of the crowd and cater to them accordingly. “I think that’s the funnest part [about DJing], knowing that you basically can change the life of the party any which way,” Freddie Harb (also known as DJ Fresh One) says. He continues, “It’s kind of like going fishing. Once you get them hooked, you can pretty much take them anywhere you want.” Not only being a DJ but the President and Co-Founder of Sleeping Giant Music has given Freddie a lot of insight with regards to launching and maintaining a successful DJ career. Pursuing a career as a DJ has shown to be fairly rewarding as DJs can make around $30,000 to $100,000 a year. To learn more, read the FULL ARTICLE or go to San Diego City Beat.