I see EPKs for new and old artists all day and all night. My phone is constantly buzzing with new e-mails, social media messages and texts. Phone calls? Ha, don’t even bother. I only pick up the phone for family, friends, partners and clients.

When I am out, I get people hollering at me to book them. I always ask, “What are you doing?” Most go on a pre-recorded rant on how they’ve played here or recorded there and even how much they got paid where. To me, that is only mildly impressive, at best. What I want to hear is what you are doing.

You could have played at the best night club in town, recorded a hit single and gotten paid thousands of dollars; but none of that matters if it was over a year ago. The music and entertainment industry suffers from short term memory loss and the fans have ADHD. So again, I ask “What are you doing?”

I want to hear where you are playing in the upcoming months, who you are going in the studio to record with and how much you are set to make then. Also, don’t just tell me what your goals and aspirations are, tell me how you are going to make them happen. Like my partner Troy says, “A goal with out a plan is just a wish.” So now I leave you to ask yourself, “What are you doing?”

Mike Beltran
Vice President

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