Here are some touring tips for those of you planning on hitting the road.

Routing. Make sure that you plan your tour so it makes sense geographically. Take your time, look at a map, and plan. You don’t want to be driving or flying in zig-zags.

Venues. Make sure your style is going to fit the city and the venue. You don’t want a crowd that does not react to your specific style. A good way to avoid this is find out where your fans are and hit those cities and venues.

Promo & Marketing. What is the point of playing at a spot if there is no promo or marketing? Make sure that there are flyers, social media postings, local event listing and PR all with your brand and logo being used properly to promote each event.

Budgeting. Make sure you budget, (that includes all the bottles you will be poppin)! Consider the cost of your overheads – do you have to pay for the hotel, flight, and ground? What about food? What about merchandising? Try to consider all possible aspects, make a budget and stick to it!

Hope these short and simple tips help and something you will consider when planning your next tour!

Madison Quartiano

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