The music industry is one of the hardest industries to get noticed in. With the rise of new musicians everyday, promoting your music and gaining a bigger fan base can be extremely difficult. One medium for promoting music that is often underestimated is Twitter. With over 250 million users, Twitter can have a great impact if utilized. Here are some ways to promote your music using Twitter:

  • Don’t just update; seek conversation. Real Twitter promotion is all about building connections and fan outreach. You want to seek out conversations relevant to you and get involved.
  • Create a fun and unique hashtag with your name. By creating a hashtag, you can create a fast and efficient way to link readers to other related tweets.
  • Use plenty of tags and hashtags. Tag people who attend your events or venues you have performed at. The more relevant tags that you add, the more likely you are to be retweeted, which in return broadens your audience and helps you to gain a newer fan base.
  • Track for a tweet. Use your fan base no matter how big or small to your advantage. Leverage your music, for your fans spreading the word to their friends. This is a great platform to hold a contest for your fans.
  • Add links to your music. Whether it’s a YouTube video of a live set or a link to your Soundcloud or Beatport, adding a link will help raise your views or play count while also making it easier and faster for interested fans to listen.
  • Tweet often. While it might be time consuming or seem like an inconvenience at times, it is important to make your presence know to your followers. Most Twitter users follow hundreds of users; therefore they do not read every tweet on their feed. The more tweets you send, the more likely you are to be read.
  • Try to set up a collaboration. Do you follow someone you would want to work with on Twitter? Why not tweet at them? It can’t hurt. You never know who’s going to be down to hook up with you — especially if you don’t try.

Dana Berardinelli
Social Media & Public Relations

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