Being a traveling DJ or artist can sometimes be complicated, especially when you are playing in a new city or country that you may not be familiar with. On this edition of Behind the Agent’s Desk, I will provide some tips that can help make your next out of town gig run much more smoother.

Many DJs on the road can sometimes find themselves dealing with travel and logistics on their own, especially without a manager to help coordinate every aspect of the trip. You don’t want to find yourself stuck at the airport figuring out how to get to your hotel, or not being able to check in when you get there. These are just a few things that could turn these gigs into nightmares and add unwanted stress to your trip. If you consider the following tips, these issues could be easily avoided. After all, we want you to be able to focus on what’s most important: the music.

Make sure you plan ahead! A few days before your show, make sure you put together and review your personal itinerary. In most cases you will be flying, so make sure you review your information. Double check your airline confirmation and make sure all your proper passenger information is accurate so you don’t have problems at the airport. In some cases, certain airlines are operated by their partner airline companies. Make sure you know which gate you need to be at so you don’t miss your flight.

If you were set up with a car service or a ground transportation contact, look over that information. Even call the day before to confirm your trip to make sure you aren’t stranded at baggage claim waiting for your ride. Car services like Uber can be a good fallback option as well. Check to see if they operate in the city you are flying in to.

Lastly, make sure to confirm your hotel stay. Call your hotel ahead of time and make sure that they are expecting you. There have been many cases where artists find themselves unable to check in because they don’t have a confirmation number or the correct name the room is reserved under. Double check all those things before you get there.

I understand it can be a hassle doing these things for every single trip, but if done, you will probably save yourself a lot of stress and time. The key is to plan ahead and not try to figure everything out on the fly. Hopefully, these tips can help make your next gig in a new city easier.

Justin Enriquez
Operations & Logistics

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