In today’s Behind the Agents Desk, Freddie Harb discusses options on how to best handle decision making when it comes to favors. Sometimes an artists career or other opportunities can be damaged by making the wrong decision or giving someone that favor. For example, if an artist plays for an extremely cheap rate in a market other buyers are paying top dollar and word got back to them it can lead to upset buyers. That’s never a smart play if you’re trying to maintain relationships and rapport with clients.

What should you do in the situation a buyer asks you to play for an extremely discounted rate?

1. Politely decline. This may be one method, hopefully, that buyer does not get upset but business is business.

2. Ask for the offer to be increased or counter offer (I advise to have your booking agent do this, it’s always much easier to have someone else speaking on behalf of you.)

3. Play the show for free. If you’re truly good friends with a person other buyers paying top dollar cannot get mad for doing this. Instead of taking a low fee, just play for free and if it ever comes up it was a favor. Obviously if there are costs associated with the show you should make sure you get compensated or refunded for that but otherwise, this is a great option if you want to appease all sides and never have it come back to you.

NOTE – *We do not advise to have artists play for free*

Freddie Harb

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