Having a successful career in the music industry these days involves a lot more than just making great music. Not only does this require hard work and time, but it also requires you to figure out a way to uniquely stand out from the crowd. Of course, no one can tell you what the secret is behind what makes you unique, but here are some tips to help you figure it out for yourself:

  • Be consistent. No one will be able to recognize your unique brand if you’re constantly switching it up. Find what makes you unique and stick with what you do best.
  • Be authentic. Even though this is easier said than done in this business, eventually people will begin to see your true colors if you’re being disingenuous.
  • Be strategic. Make strategic decisions regarding where you play. Follow your gut. If you don’t feel 100% about something, don’t go through with it.
  • Have a purpose. What are you doing this for? What’s your message? Who are you as a person? Decide why you’re doing this, stick to it, and share it.
  • Realize your potential. Once you’re able to see what is possible for you in the future, a whole new world opens up. Seeing all of your prospective opportunities can really help you decide which direction to go in and how to market yourself in the long run.
  • Create a lasting impression. Give people something that will leave them wanting more.

In addition to all of this, you might also want to forget everything you’ve been taught about branding. In this ever-evolving society we live in, trends are constantly changing. Whatever knowledge you may have about branding and marketing is probably already outdated. Even though it’s a small part of branding yourself as an artist, graphics and logos are not the whole picture. Nowadays it’s all about perception. It’s your job to instill a perception of you into others’ minds when they come across your music or your brand. Your music is a direct reflection of you. Don’t fall into the trap of only looking to other people for inspiration; this will create an obvious lack of originality. Of course, you can use outside sources for inspiration from time to time, but truly successful branding starts within! Lastly, you’ll want to create realistic goals and set yourself up for success by pairing those with realistic timelines. Define what success means to you, and construct a timeline to keep yourself motivated and turn that into a reality.

Lauren Shapiro

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