Hello everyone,

Hope that everyone is home and safe. Today, I am writing about how the COVID-19 pandemic has and will change our industry that thrives on large crowds.

March was the start of a massive domino effect with cancellations of events in our industry. Starting with Ultra Music Festival, Miami Music Week included, and every single event that was scheduled for that magical week.

The Venues
Wondering how many venues will be able to sustain paying rent without being open for such a long period?

When the government will start to let bars and lounges open? I believe it will be on a gradual scale. In a similar way, they started to limit capacities at bars and restaurants before they were shut down.

The Festivals
Being that it seems this virus will be here to stay. Will there be any social distancing regulations put in place for the larger-scale events? This could very well cut the total capacities at venues and events.

It leaves me to wonder if there will be any safety measures put in place with the staff having to take every attendees’ temperature to make sure they don’t have a fever etc.

The Artists
It’s no secret that the artists have suffered tremendously as touring is their main source of income. I have a feeling that when things somewhat return to normality there will be some restrictions on European and international travel into the United States for some time.

With that being said, I think this will leave an opportunity for US-based artists to capitalize in some markets they have not been able to play over the years.

On the international artists’ side, I hope there will be some leniency from the government for the artists that spent thousands of dollars on their artist visas to play in the United States. The solo artist will not be as big of a hit since their visas are good for three years. The duos and bands visas are only good for twelve months. So you can see where I am going with this.

On the upside, we will see lots of great music from all the musicians due to the fact that everyone has been home and will be home for some more time. I’m sure we will see lots of new albums, lot’s of new projects from artists and hoping to see some cool collaborations between artists.

In conclusion, as we all wait for the uncertainty on this pandemic that we are all enduring together, I believe that our industry will rebuild and find a way to thrive again. Hopefully, at the same level, it once was.

Stay safe.

Angel Matos
East Coast Director

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