Shoutout Socal sits down with Freddie Harb to discuss how Sleeping Giant Music got started, and some of the projects he’s been working on recently. From playing shows around the US to making music and operating multiple businesses, Freddie juggles many moving parts on a daily basis. He reveals some tips and tricks as to how he saw so much success in his businesses over the years. Though 2020 has definitely been a change of pace for the music industry, Freddie hasn’t slowed down.

It’s impressive, to say the least all Freddie has accomplished. Holding all the titles of President of Sleeping Giant Music, Mastering Engineer at Distinct Mastering, and a Producer and DJ isn’t easy, but Freddie’s figured out the best methods to make it all work.

If you want to check out more about what Freddie has to say, read the full interview here.