These are some of the things I have encountered over the years with flyers and promoters.

The Design – over the years I have seen some really cool flyers where the designer has been very creative. I have also been sent flyers that they look like a 5-year-old made it on their computer. It’s in everyone’s best interest to have the best design possible, as it’s a reflection of your event/brand and the events you are putting together. After all, you want everyone involved in the event, pushing the event.

Logos – Some flyers have logo overkill, which looks like a Nascar racecar or uniform. On the other hand, you have some promoters that don’t want any logos on the flyer and want a specific look. I get it but at the very least we always try to push to get the artist logo as their name on the flyer. Artist’s spend a lot of money getting their logos/image to the way they want it so they all want to see their name as their logo on flyers.

Photos – Every artist has a press kit with pictures they have spent money on a photographer on a photoshoot. Please don’t put a picture that is NOT in the press kit because you like a particular picture better. If the artist wanted that picture in the press kit, it would still be in the press kit for flyer usage!

The Shotgun Announcement – Yes, we all get it, we want to announce the event as fast as possible but you have to give you and the artist’s team time to review and see if there need to be any changes.

Same Design – Some promoters and brands like doing the same design or template. I know it saves time but at least get a little creative. It gets boring after a while and I’m sure the artists playing the event want their flyer to stand out among the others.

The No Changes – Some promoters are like “this is final”. The artist is not happy with the design of the flyer but then asks why the artist is not promoting the event. Maybe you should have used his logo, or maybe you should have fixed the photo that the designer chopped part of the artist’s head, or maybe the artist wanted his own label next to his name but you didn’t want to put it. You are bringing the artist for a reason.

Not Approved Flyer – It happens a lot where management, agents, or the artist find a flyer online that has not been sent for approval. This is simple, please send artwork for approval!

I can go on and on about this subject but these are some of the most important things I have encountered over the years that I wanted to share today.

Angel Matos
East Coast Director

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