A few years ago, Spotify started sharing with artists how many times people streamed them, how many hours they were listened to, their amount of listeners, and the number of countries they were listened to in. We are so proud of all the SGM artists and their growth this year!

Here are some our their stats for the year 2021:

Robbie Rivera – 8.1M Streams, 2.3M Listeners, 641.2K Hours, 171 Countries
Piero Pirupa – 6.7M Streams, 1.9M Listeners, 346.1K Hours, 160 Countries
Ninetoes – 11.8M Streams, 2.8M Listeners, 725 Hours, 162 Countries
Dances with White Girls – 1.5M Streams, 434. 3K Listeners, 88.4K Hours, 139 Countries
Vanilla Ace – 1M Streams, 355.6K Listeners, 58.6K Hours, 148 Countries
No Pants Party – 92.1K Streams, 36.6K Listeners, 4.5K Hours, 113 Countries
David Penn – 29.6M Streams, 4.9M Listeners, 1.6M Hours, 170 Countries
Rrotik – 1.7M Streams, 504.5K Listeners, 88.4K Hours, 141 Countries
T-mass – 14.2M Streams, 2.8M Listeners, 757.5K Hours, 175 Countries
Harry Romero – 7.1M Streams, 2M Listeners, 400.1K Hours, 158 Countries
David Tort – 4.6M Streams, 1.2M Listeners, 290K Hours, 152 Countries
Disco Fries – 20.1M Streams, 5M Listeners, 924.6K Hours, 174 Countries
Freshcobar – 175.3K Streams, 33.3K Listeners, 5K Hours, 109 Countries
Average Citizens – 124.2k Streams, 34.4k Listeners, 22k Hours, 104 Countries
Tony Arzadon – 5.2M Streams, 479.6K Listeners, 258.2k Hours, 152 Countries
The Cube Guys – 5.6M Streams, 1.8M Listeners, 355k Hours, 160 Countries
Plastik Funk – 19.4M Streams, 5.1M Listeners, 908 Hours, 173 Countries
EC Twins – 11.5M Streams, 2.6M Listeners, 615.1 Hours, 168 Countries
DJ Serafin – 48.2K Streams, 19.3K Listeners, 2.5K Hours, 95 Countries
Butane – 105.1K Streams, 24.5K Listeners, 9.6K Hours, 104 Countries
Kristina Sky – 1.2M Streams, 325.8K Listeners, 67.5K Hours, 143 Countries
tyDi – 6.1M Streams, 1.4M Listeners, 365.6K Hours, 165 Countries
Scotty Boy – 917.K Streams, 341.9K Listeners, 49.4K Hours, 145 Countries
LA Riots – 2.1M Streams, 813.3K Listeners, 129.5K Hours, 149 Countries