The 20 Podcast, hosted by DJ Spider, had Zach Seidman and Manny Ferreros as guests to share stories from their experiences in the music industry and what they have been up to recently. Manny talks about the history of how he learned to mix by watching DJs at parties and explains how he was absolutely memorized by the power of the decks. He was given a mixtape from WBBM B96 in Chicago with Bad Boy Bill mixing live from one night in a club. He states that Bad Boy Bill is one of the best technical DJ’s ever because of the way he “grabs the first beat” from a new song and will just drop it straight into the mix. Most DJs typically use a smooth transition to mix in a new song, but he states how “ballsy” Bill is with his mixing and that he wanted to learn how to mix like him. Later on, Manny tells another story about how it took him 20 years to rebook Tiesto and how the original booking came about. He mentions that George Acosta’s old manager was the one who help him get connected to Tiesto before he was big. George Acosta’s old manager, Frank, in fact, trained two of the agents on our team, Troy Gilmore and Angel Matos. Throughout the podcast, they reemphasize the concept of how it is important to be kind and friendly to everyone you meet because you never know who may be able to help you in the future. The podcast is full of helpful advice for any DJ looking to work in this industry and maybe struggling with getting booked to local gigs, go to Apple Podcasts to give it a listen!