The pandemic was a strange time. It gave artists a break from the touring life and gave everyone in the industry a bit of time to reflect. It was a time where everyone could be productive and focus on the things that they never had time for. Being an artist and an agency owner I was on both sides of the spectrum when it comes to this topic.

So you might wonder how I spent my time. If you didn’t spend your time wisely it’s not too late. Take some inspiration from below:

Spend time in the studio – One of the most important things I think a lot of artists were able to do was to spend some much-needed time in the studio. Not only was it a time that we as artists needed to forget about the problems of the world but it was a time where our phones were not going on 24/7 either! Much needed studio time was a must!

Learn a new instrument or skill – Take the time to learn something new. I personally picked my piano lessons back up just because my touring schedule basically stopped. The last time I was taking lessons was back in 2011 before I started a heavier touring schedule.

Start a new service – A friend of mine suggested that I start a mastering service since there was not much going on with bookings. This was a way to bring in some revenue for not only our studio but my personal music business as well. Hence, Distinct Mastering was born.

Work on the things that you never had time for – This could be anything, something personal you’ve always wanted to do. Exercise, gardening, cooking the possibilities are endless. I heard some DJs picked up baking during the pandemic, one learned graphic design, another started a silkscreening business. Some went online and streamed to Twitch. Whatever it was perhaps you picked something that could then be turned into a service, so take a step back and think about it. Being successful in the music business is not all about just doing one thing.

Foster those relationships – I spent some time staying in touch with certain friends in the industry and other DJs I work with often. It was important to get that feeling of connection during that time. Maybe that relationship that you fostered could blossom into a collaboration?

Stay inspired – Most important, was to stay inspired. Take that vacation, go someplace new, not to perform. Visit friends and family. One thing that I learned was that I forgot what it was like to live without the constraints of the pressures of the music business always coming at me. Although it’s back I have a slightly different outlook on things.

Freddie Harb
President / Co-Founder
Sleeping Giant Music

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