There is no way you can make it in this industry alone, that is why it is so crucial to network and build relationships in this industry. Your Network = Your Net-worth. You want to create lasting relationships and make good impressions, that is the key to this industry. Here are a few tips I have learned during my experience making connections:

1. Always Be on Your Game – Being at the right place at the right time could allow you to be at an advantage so, you always want to make sure you are ready to network. This includes always having business cards on you!

2. Do Your Research and Be Prepared – When reaching out to someone for the first time, make sure you search the internet for as much information as you can find. Check LinkedIn and first see who they are connected with and find something to spark up a conversation. Another option is to search on Facebook and see what possible mutual friends you may have there as well.

3. Create Genuine Connections – Before or after meeting someone it’s always a good idea to connect on LinkedIn and sometimes even follow on Instagram if you think it’s appropriate. But you have to do more than just that, try to initiate conversations to build connections with people and maintain them once they are built. Reach out to them every few months and stay in the loop of what they are doing and how they are doing.

4. Follow-ups – Following up after a meeting or phone call is arguably one of the most important steps in networking. You want to keep yourself fresh on someone’s mind and continue to build upon the relationship you just started. This relates to building genuine connections, make sure you follow up.

5. Give Before you Receive – In this industry, you never know who is going to end up where, and who might be able to help you down the line. So always be nice to everyone, and try to help before asking for something if possible. This opens the door for you to come back to them for something in the future.

Denise Zorer

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