One thing I’ve learned post-pandemic is the landscape has slightly changed. Before the pandemic, everyone was working day in and day out. Being a DJ myself as well as an owner of the agency, I’ve learned that you cannot get stagnant.

COVID has created new ventures for us as partners at the agency as well as myself. I found that I was not traveling as a DJ once COVID hit. I got to spend more time in the studio. During the pandemic, my friend suggested I start a mastering service – Distinct Mastering, that offers professional mixing and mastering. That is going well and has helped supplement our business as a whole.

Recently we undertook other suggestions from complaints of some of our artists. A lot of our exclusive artists we’re complaining about bad PR, and the perfect candidate walked through our doors so we took a chance and built a newly-launched boutique PR agency, Simply Gigantic, which specializes in the music space and beyond. At the beginning of 2022, our partners at Sleeping Giant Music noticed a major disconnect between artists and their publicists. Very few agencies were committed to delivering consistent, forward-thinking campaigns for their artists and clientele-so they decided to take initiative. Therefore, Simply Gigantic was born: a collection of booking agents and PR professionals that saw the need for a 21st century, a fresh take on public relations. With an international network of contacts, a proven track record of amplifying artists’ careers, and decades of experience within the music space- we are hungry and ready to take our client’s campaigns to the next level.

Moving into our next idea we are launching SGM University, a forward-thinking course to help independent artists teach themselves how to book themselves. We’re giving away some of our internal secrets. I had this idea prior to the pandemic but we never acted on it. We’ve been working on this for a year so we are extremely excited to share this with you. You can get a copy of the free mini-course, The Seven Mistakes We See Most Artists Make. This mini-course is a glimpse into the main course which launches in July. The concept is simple – a lot of artists think that once they get an agent they will automatically be busy. That’s not always the case. It is a two-way street and as an artist, you need to build a level of demand.

If there is one thing the pandemic taught me, it is to not let your ideas go to waste. If you get comfortable and don’t act on things, you might get left behind. The pandemic really pushed us to break new boundaries and I am excited to share all the new projects I have been working on behind the scenes. Stay tuned!

Freddie Harb

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