On this week’s episode of the Road Podcast, the fellas welcome Las Vegas’ own DJ Shift. Shift talks about growing up around hospitality with his parents owning a nightclub and hosting parties.  Shift speaks on being inspired to DJ while bartending in Vegas, and explains how he loves the entertainment part of DJ’ing and doesn’t have an attachment to the music. Shift also shares his history of DJ’ing for 50cent, linking up with Zee “Queen of House”, and working at Las Vegas staple nightclub “ICE”. The fellas get the story behind Shift’s recent viral video, where he declined to play Bad Bunny. Shift also talks about his brother, DJ Stretch, becoming a DJ, what’s changed in Vegas nightlife over the years, and his early days of being a promoter while DJ’ing.  Finally, Shift speaks on not having a booking agency and why he prefers to run everything himself.