On this week’s episode of the ROAD Podcast, the fellas are joined by co-founder of LA’s legendary Banana Split Sunday Party, Thee Mike B and Philly’s own Dances With White Girls. Dances speaks on his feature in Pitbull’s “Don’t Stop The Party” and Mike B shares an embarrassing story opening for Funk Flex at NYC at Club Envy. The fellas discuss Roctakon’s infamous “McGreedy” trolling on Hollertronix’s notorious Hollerboard forum and address the “mob mentality” on the DJ Twitter. Mike B reminisces on DJ’ing with Stretch Armstrong and Dances talks about his “Club Demon” radio show Amp. Finally, DJ Bossa Nova jumps into the convo to speak about his weekly party in Santa Monica at Mom’s Bar in LA and Mike B asks how the current state of reggaeton right now differs to the 2000’s.