Episode 265 of the ROAD Podcast has caused a stir in the media and amongst celebrities, thanks to the captivating revelations shared by Kyambo “Hip-Hop” Joshua about his experiences working with Jay-Z. During the episode, Kyambo divulged previously undisclosed details about Jay-Z’s music production process, including the fact that the rap mogul had passed on some famous beats. Kyambo also shared a fascinating anecdote about a misunderstanding over a lyric that nearly prevented his collaboration with Pimp C from happening. Kyambo’s revelations on the podcast caught the attention of notable figures such as Jay-Z and J.Cole, as well as media outlets like Barstool Sports and Hip Hop DX. Short clips from the episode went viral on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, collectively garnering over one million views. Be sure to check out the articles and listen to episode 265 of ROAD Podcast now!