David Penn

David Penn's 'Big Love' Hits #1 on Beatport Overall Chart

David Penn’s ‘Big Love’ Hits #1 on Beatport Overall Chart

Spanish icon David Penn gets us again with another astounding remix that hit’s #1 on Beatport Overall Charts in just three days.

SGM Artists Spotify Wrapped 2018

SGM Artists Spotify Wrapped 2018

Everyones year sounded different on Spotify. Spotify Wrapped 2018 showed listeners their most streamed artists and tracks for the past twelve months that they enjoyed the most. Artists were also able to see how many people were listening to them, how many fans they had worldwide, and how many countries they had reached within the […]

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Traxsource Announces Its Top 100 House Artists of 2018

Traxsource Announces Its Top 100 House Artists of 2018

Traxsource announced its top 100 House Artists of 2018 this past week. The list gave a lot of insight in regards to the legends who still run the scene and the new comers who are making headway in the world of House music. Traxsource describes the list as “artists who’ve created seminal works that birthed […]

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David Penn In Beatport Top 100

David Penn Hits #3 on Beatport

Congratulations David Penn! His latest track has hit #3 on the Beatport charts. This record was released by Defected, one of the leading house music record labels and lifestyle brands. This track is a must have for all house music lovers, so make sure to visit Beatport and grab your copy today!

David Penn With Eight Tracks in the Beatport Top 100

David Penn Has Eight Tracks in the Beatport Top 100

David Penn coming in hot, currently with eight tracks in the Top 100 charts on Beatport. Collaborations with Claptone, Todd Terry, ATFC and more have put his name on the Beatport map. Make sure to visit Beatport’s Top 100 charts to see for yourself.

David Penn Hipcats #1

David Penn and ATFC’s “Hipcats” Hits #1 on Beatport Top 100 House Tracks

David Penn has been dominating the charts and he does it once more with his groovy addition, “Hipcats” released on Armada Subjekt. The track was released in late February and it reached the #1 spot on Beatport’s Top 100 House Tracks in no time. The soulful lyrics mixed with a smashing bassline make it the […]

David Penn & Roog's "House Thing" Charts at Number 2 on Traxscource Top 10 House Tracks

David Penn’s “House Thing” Charts Traxsource Top 10 House Tracks

David Penn is back at it again with the help of Roog on his soulful track, “House Thing,” charting the Traxsource Top 10 House Tracks on his very own Urbana Recordings. Released just 3 weeks ago, the track rose the ranks and dominated the charts. The laidback style fused with a higher BPM and a […]


SGM Artists on Traxsource Top 100 2017

It’s a brand new year and 2018 is here! But we can’t discount 2017 because it was such a great year for Sleeping Giant Music and all of it’s artists. We are thrilled to have had seven of our very own make the Traxsource Top 100 2017 lists accross all genres! Saeed Younan, Sergio Fernando, […]

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David Penn Livestreams 2-Hour Set

World-famous tech house DJ David Penn took to Facebook to livestream nearly two hours of funky tech house and techno via Escueladjs Inted Madrid. The livestream features multiple angles of David Penn mixing away so you can catch the action in real time. David Penn streamed the exclusive performance from Madrid, Spain and it’s available to right […]


David Penn’s Yeah Yeah #1 on Traxsource!

David Penn‘s recently release, Yeah Yeah, had the rare honor of taking the #1 spot on Traxsource‘s Top 100 the same day it was released! Even though it’s been two weeks since Yeah Yeah dropped, it’s still charting at #1 on Traxsource. Quickly rising on the Beatport charts as well, Yeah Yeah is the perfect summer […]