Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing services help further develop artists professionally by creating them an online presence through our platform. We take the time to establish a strong presence on the Internet for the artist by offering a variety of creative services to highlight their achievements, music, ongoing events, and success on our website.

Our services include creating, providing, and sending out emails and newsletters to fans and promoters notifying them of recent music and newsworthy updates, which develops a strong rapport between the artist, their fans and professionals. In addition, artists are published on our website with support to develop their own personal and professional websites as well. One of the benefits of being apart of Sleeping Giant Music is that artists’ music is accessible for professionals and fans to listen to. We also create calendars that allow the public to see the artist’s upcoming events with appropriate location, event details, links, and guest lists.

Our services create a powerful presence for the artist in the digital realm to better inform and establish relationships with clients and fans, as well as make them a competitive force in the music industry.